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This is list of 150 accounting interview questions. In this list, you can ref questions with answers as below:

1. Tell me about an invoice discrepancy you discovered and how you resolved it?

To answer this question: firstly, state the situation; secondly, explain why you considered the discrepancy as a serious problem; and thirdly, describe thoroughly what you have done step by step to resolve the discrepancy; finally, some conclusion about necessary skills and knowledge to deal with such a problem.

2. What are the steps you go through to check your accounting work before submitting it? Give an example of this?

This question is to test your understanding of the job specification. Don’t be too worried about this question. Remember about major requirements of the job, including: analyzing data, ensuring the compliance of the data, interpreting and assessing the performance and financial reports… Detail is what matters the most in this question, so remember to learn by heart the job requirements and put it in use in the answer. And finally, the question requires you tell an example, so, you may mention your experience or make up one, but be thoroughly and carefully if you intend to use a make-up example.
3. Tell me about a time where you took the lead on an accounting project. What steps did you take to make sure that everybody remained focused on the goal?
The purpose of this question is to measure your effectiveness at supervising and directing a project or team.
This is your chance to show how great team-work-man you are. Talk about your sharing of experience and knowledge with others; mention your helpfulness and creativity in teamwork.
Also, it is beneficial to state that you have a good discipline in project management. You may take the old job for an example: how you develop a plan, how you encourage the team, how you are responsible for the project…
4. Describe a time when you implemented a change in accounting protocol or procedure that provided a commercial benefit to the organization you were working in?
This question is very important as it measures you initiative at work. Don’t think that when you have qualities to become a good accountant means you are going to get the job. Above all, you must also be a good employee and a good employee needs to be initiative at work, especially in a highly creative working environment. You are expected to initiatively and actively participate in improving the efficiency at work.
You must consider this question very carefully and giving an example is a good point added to your success. You may tell about a situation in which you made a creative solution which helped save a lot of money, and such a solution was adopted as a procedure of the company later.
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